Dong E Water

The Origin Of Ejiao

“The gelatin is produced in Dong’e County where ‘Ejiao’ gets its name”
Ejiao gets its name from Dong’e.
Ejiao also makes Dong’e a famous place.

A Well-known Secret

As is known to all,
Dong’e water is the key in refining Ejiao.
It makes Ejiao a household Product in this land.

The Origin Of The Dong’e Water

As mentioned in Commentary on the Water Classic:
“Dong’e has a well as big as a wheel, around 20-meter deep.
Ejiao was often boiled with water from the well to make royal tribute."
For thousands of years,
two underground undercurrents from Taihang mountain and Taishan mountain transformed into thousands of streams into the underground,
meeting at the underground of Dong’e,
which created the unique Dong’e county groundwater.

The Mystery Of The Water Of Dong’e

lies in the fact that
it contains more than twenty minerals including calcium,
magnesium and strontium, etc.
more important, its relative density of 1.0038 and average PH value of 7.4,
which become the natural electrolyte in refining Ejiao,
making the gelatin and impurities in the donkey skin easy to separate,
and hydrolyze into smaller molecules that are more easily absorbed by human body.

Authenticity Because Of Persistence

We hold fast to this land, and stick to using the Dong’e water in refining.
We witness the history of Ejiao and participate in its inheritance.
We guard this heritage, just for presenting authentic Ejiao.