Solid Strength

  • 4

    4 experimental research units

  • 130000

    laboratory area of 130,000 square meters

  • 1000

    equipment and facilities nearly a thousand sets

Built a Chinese medicine research center, health care products research center, black donkey research center, analysis and testing center, 4 experimental research units, laboratory area of 130,000 square meters, equipment and facilities nearly a thousand sets.

Undertakes includes “the significant new medicine to formulate”, science and technology significant special and so on scientific research item 20 error terms

American, Japanese, the South Korean invention patent is authorized 5 items, attains the Chinese patent honorable mention 2 items.
The declaration invention patent 100 error terms, establish the standard 20 error terms, develops Switzerland to pass stands, hundred depends on, the peaceful palace hematischesis pellet outstanding,
Compound prescription Arab League glue, asses' glue blood tonic pellet, turtle deer two immortal orals and so on 20 new products.
Publishes paper 100, in which SCI includes 15.

With Zhejiang University, Harbin University of Technology, East China University of Technology, Hong Kong Baptist University, Tokyo Pharmaceutical University and other more than 30 universities and research institutes at home and abroad to establish close cooperation.

International cooperation model for innovation.
The establishment of the international donkey industry technology innovation strategic alliance

And Italy's university of merino, French national academy project cooperation, etc.