We Passed Down From Generation To Generation,
To Ensure The Nourishing National Treasures Accessible To Thousands Of Homes

We Inherit And Pass Down The Nourishment With Ingenuity

What we eulogize is value;What we impart is originality;What we deliver is warmth

What We Eulogize Is Value

Ejiao is praised in famous medical books as a royal tribute.
The masters of traditional Chinese medicine unanimously praised its high value.
Through the ages, Dong’e Ejiao,
inherits the health care value of Ejiao with a sense of responsibility,
making Ejiao benefit more and more people.

From Royal Tribute Into The Homes Of Ordinary People

  • He Liangjun -- Took Ejiao To Prolong Life

    He was a famous scholar in the south of the Yangtze river in the Ming dynasty. Because of his constant use of Ejiao, he was able to prolong life joyfully and died without any illness.
    Thinking of life: “All diseases are born from qi and blood, the disharmony inside the body will be the reason for illness.
    A cup of Ejiao will help you strengthen immunity and enjoy a peaceful life.”

  • Yang Yuhuan– Secretly Took Ejiao

    Yang Yuhuan had creamy skin. According to The Complete Collection of Tang Poems: “After washing up the makeup, her body is still as smooth as silk and even the water drop will slip down her body just like the raindrops can’t stay on the lotus leaf because its surface is too smooth.She refused to tell the truth about taking Ejiao but said, "I was born to be a beauty for the sake of His Majesty."

  • Empress Dowager Cixi – Was Able To Have A Baby Benefiting From Ejiao

    When she was a concubine, she suffered from blood trouble, and then she took Ejiao to regulate menstruation and finally recovered and gave birth to Tongzhi Emperor.After that, she showed special preference to Ejiao and took it regularly all her life.

  • Zhang Canjia – Dong’e Ejiao Is An Authentic Medicinal Material

    Every kind of medicinal materials is distinguished by its place of origin. Sichuan is the best place for growing Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort. Guangdong’s costus root is the most authentic. Ejiao is no exception, like the ancients said, “only the Ejiao from Dong’e can be called Ejiao!”
    Dong’e Ejiao is an authentic medicinal material, which is indisputable.

  • Wang Mianzhi - Without Dong’e Water, There Would Be No Dong’e Ejiao

    Dong’e Ejiao is refined by the well water in Dong’e County, which is different from donkey-hide gelatin. Dong’e water is naturally formed. Without this water, there would be no Ejiao.

What We Impart Is Originality

  • The heart of the craftsmen,
  • are filled with feelings, faith, and attitude.
  • Through nine days and nine nights, and ninety-nine procedures,
  • in which fire meets water.

As the inheritors of Ejiao, we guard the essence of traditional craftsmanship,
and constantly use advanced technology to upgrade skills,
in order to create high-quality Ejiao products.
Since then, the nourishing national treasure has entered the homes of ordinary people.

What We Deliver Is Warmth

There are always some memories of love and warmth,
mother's care for her daughter,
filial piety of children to their parents,
and warm memories passed down from generation to generation.
Where there is Dong’e Ejiao,
there is the most touching warmth.

Dong’e Ejiao,The Warm Continues……