Industry Chain

We Regard Quality As Life,
And Construct The Whole-industry-chain Ecosystem.

For healthy China,we are determined to do our best.

We Start Off With Respect

  • To control the quality,
    we keep working hard,
    constructing the whole industry chain ecosystem,
    so that every link can be traced.

  • We persist in building breeding bases by ourselves,
    respect the laws of nature,
    ensure the high quality of raw materials,
    pure and reliable.

  • Quality is the consistent importunate of Dong’e Ejiao.
    We hope that every piece of Ejiao would be perfect.

We Are Both Generous And Rigorous

We are generous with every party of the value chain,
and nature returns a good ecological cycle.
We are rigorous in technology and innovation.
Dong’e Ejiao is well aware that the high-quality health product is the only language to communicate with customers.
Therefore, only by constantly refining the technology and keeping innovation,can we offer quality products to the customers in return for their favor.

Science And Technology Innovation

It Is Our Responsibility And Our Mission

With the pursuit of quality and health,
we establish the whole industrial chain,
and breeding bases.
The technology is of both inheritance and innovation,
also upgrading of the Ejiao tourism industry,
from raw materials to production, from history to the future, from health care to tourism,
Healthy China,
we aspire to do the best.