DEEJ World

DEEJ World

DEEJ World, invested and built by Dong’e E Jiao Co., Ltd., is located at 78 E Jiao Street, Dong'e County, Shandong. As a traditional Chinese medicine health tourism program designed together with a team of global renowned experts, DEEJ World aims to deliver scientific, interactive and fun customer experience based on the E Jiao culture of nearly 3,000 years and the traditional Chinese medicine culture and through factories and products. DEEJ World mainly includes Dong'e E Jiao Experience Factory, Chinese E Jiao Museum, Dong'e E Jiao City, Dong'e Yaowang Mountain, and Donkey Kingdom. It has been rated as one of the first national industrial tourism innovation units and one of the first national traditional Chinese medicine health tourism demonstration bases.

Dong'e E Jiao Experience Factory

Dong'e E Jiao Experience Factory is the core area of DEEJ World, including such experience projects as Phantom Theater, E Jiao Exploration Corridor, 4D Cinema, Flight Cinema, E Jiao Store House, Smart Gelatin Warehouse, and Qixing Island. In this area, production scenarios are integrated into interactive experience, so that visitors can learn the production techniques and flow of Dong'e E Jiao in the aroma of gelatin. Modern high technologies, combined with intelligent robots, holographic projection and other multimedia technologies, are utilized to interpret the long-lasting E Jiao culture. Here, visitors can feel the charm of science and technology brought by Industry 4.0 and enjoy the park featuring production beauty, ecological beauty, and life beauty.

Phantom Theater

The holographic projection technology combining virtual-real integration is used to create a naked-eye 3D effect that reproduces historical scenes and displays the exploration of Dong'e E Jiao people on the ancient refining methods, as well as the inheritance and innovation of the refining techniques.

E Jiao Exploration Corridor

Immersed in the smell of gelatin, visitors can taste, see, smell, hear and touch the nearly 3,000-year E Jiao health culture in an all-round and three-dimensional way, thanks to the application of video special effect technology, interactive experience design, and close viewing method.