Enterprise Culture

  • Corporate Mission
    Benefiting mankind and prolonging lifespan

    "Benefiting mankind and prolonging lifespan", as the mission of Dong'e Ejiao, condenses the unique role of millennial Ejiao in human life and expresses the purpose of big health industry by Dong'e Ejiao in the promotion of social development, contributing to people's health and longevity, achieving the value orientation of the enterprise development and evergreen industry, as well as embodying the lofty ideal and remarkable pursuit of Dong'e Ejiao people;


    It identifies the full implementation of social responsibility, including employee growth, partnership development, government obligations, social charity, environmental protection and curing the sickness to save patients, etc.

  • Enterprise Vision
    Nourishment • Health care • Leader of Happy life

    Leader of the nourishment and health care ideas: Guide people to develop self-care ability.

    Leader of the nourishment and health care products: Constantly provide people with safe and effective, typical and authentic nourishing health products and systematic health programs.

    Leader of healthy development of the industry: Facilitate the healthy development of the industry and the modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine industry.

    Leader of the value of happy life: Live happily and pursue health in a healthy and sustainable development, achieve the nourishment of body, heart and soul, so that the body, heart and soul can be organically combined; perform environmental protection and social responsibility to achieve sustainable development of the company.

  • Core values
    Honesty • Authenticity
    Inheritance • Innovation

    Honest behaviors, authentic products, continuous inheritance and constant innovation


    12 characteristics of Dong'e Ejiao People: Honesty and trustworthiness, gratitude and respect, generousness and magnanimity, authenticate products, exquisite craftsmanship, excellent quality, adhering to the original intention, inheriting the tradition, abiding by the norms, reinventing the new, transcending the ego and leading the future